Welcome to Ardaena!

Light the way up!

Art, Graphics, Designing Skills, Engineering, Architecture &…, should be adapted to the waves of mutation and movements of the universe. In fact, we have a consideration about being a part of this whole system which making life more excited and we call it Integration. Integration needs a Combination of Artistic and Logistic Skills toward better Solutions and Ardaena is a place we are trying to make things Integrated! In this case Architecture is the main issue which must be taken to a better standing and qualification. The factors like Structure and Energy are coming by analysis and beside detailing have to designed by the most integration they could. We are using Algorithmic approach to make it happened from early design stage, Analysis and Optimization in Energy, Planning and Structure,toward Fabrication and Construction. Just in case as a definition in One Sentence: “We are an Integrated Network of Professionals” Our Agents have been chosen from the most talented high Skill People from each field related to Architecture, Civil Engineers, Building Physics Specialists, Programmers and much more to make our Network as an interdisciplinary spot to challenge everything.

Ardaena is a Network! A Network which provides a huge and complex of skills from Professionals in Art, Architecture, Engineering! The main aim is to be beside you in technical issues which need ideas and innovations to solve! We are looking to have everything connected as the most relations and proportions come together from factors and their parameters, the qualification rises up.

In this way one of our current projects is Caddisfly for Grasshopper, you can find it here!

What We Do!

If a great progression you might looking for all belong to each part of your company, you might interested having new style of facing issues. That would be a great team work with our agents who are dominate on special fields of Architecture, Art and Engineering. How we can make it happen is defined as Our Services Page.