Building information modeling has become really reliable by recent developing from special firms like Autodesk, Bentley, Graphisoft and other. The major part in order to implement BIM in lifecycles is to have owners, designers and contractors all interested in using it. The famous quotation here is totally validating to be mentioned: “What internet has done with network industry, will be done by BIM for Building industry”. So, there is no doubt it can be useful no matter what product providing it as a thought behind the processes we have in building lifecycle. Programming, Concept design, Detailed Design, Analysis, Documentation, Fabrication, Construction 4D/5D, Construction Logistics, Operation and Maintenance, demolition or even renovation are the main sections referred from Autodesk presentations. BIM recently has been gone through using new technologies as a complementary option to make it more user-friendly. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two of these scenarios which makes BIM reviewable more delicately in more available details.

AR makes this world more related to data and information modeling basically connects objects to data. Moving from objects toward data adding up is what BIM goes for and in this way, AR could play a big role. Anything could be accessible even before any construction and operation by modeling. BIM can provide the possible issues like clashes or even move toward constructing by less material before changing plans costs. Engineers and builders can possibly check any mistakes before it made and when it comes through AR, it can be shared anywhere whether owners or others be in the site or not.

Ardaena is ready to go for using AR and VR for clients who are into using BIM in their projects. Our experts are working on some challenges related to the scenario have been mentioned above and the greatest deal for us is to make it possible to use it in large-scale projects. The items listed below are the services we are getting ready for:

– Building Information Modeling (BIM) of large-scale projects especially commercial ones

– Project managing by new brand technologies from Graphisoft and other firms’ productions

– Exploring special ideas on using AR and VR in existing or under construction buildings especially those need to different managing scenarios

– Teaching and lecturing all about these new technologies for organizations, universities or firms

Project Description of BIM + AR, VR Department

The posts following are projects/Services has been done or under developing by this department. You can check our detailed descriptions by clicking on each and they are going to be available soon. In case you have any ideas, please contact the director and team member here.

BIM + AR, VR Department Members

Feel free to contact any member you might need in order for asking questions about products or sharing an idea or even suggestions to cooperate. We are warmly considering your interests and that’s our honor.

Masoud Ghasemi

Director of BIM + AR, VR
Masoud Ghasemi

Director of BIM + AR, VR

Masoud is like those people challenging parameters to have them working together in real world. He is a total BIM enthusiast who is experiencing it practically in large scale projects. He is working on data consideration from Algorithmic Engineering to BIM system in Ardaena.

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Isfahan, Iran