Interactive Spaces

Interactive Spaces

Forms follow functions is one the most famous quotations every architect might have heard. We are heading to the singularity as it anticipated to occur in 2042. There might be a question about this quote here now at the moment according to what we are heading to and that’s what if forms and anything physical in space gets used to being flexible or in another word what if we live inside a huge smart robot which might be called as home as time goes by?

This question has another dimension which makes it more interested. The way we know the physicality of a building is all related to special functions or a series of them which has been set according to user demands. The functions we are talking about are used to assume to be fixed with no changing through time but as our lifestyle is getting to be flexible more and more by smartness we are creating around ourselves, if a sci-fi mind manages the story here it could get to that dimension which somehow sees physical forms adaptable. We have responsivity and interactivity even right now but what this text is trying to reveal is a possibility of going beyond current thinking of functions through a higher level one. Things get more sophisticated when it comes to functional patterns.

Functional patterns are some special connections and proportions between different parameters from different factors impact on space qualifications. Imagine how solar radiation effect on human comfort and how we control it by designing facades. That’s an interaction from outdoor to indoor and we can call it a function of façade toward a certain qualification. Now, what would it be like if every interaction from indoor to indoor (from user to form and vice versa) could be checked for a demanding set? What if this demanding is adapted to a function related to what user might need consciously or even unconsciously all according to human comfort? This is how we can have functional patterns related to human comfort and besides have an interactive space to cover the relation between architecture and user.

The story has been mentioned above needs basics for running. There are some attitudes ongoing already such as IoT (Internet of Things) but, the deal for an architect and a designer might be a little bit more into physical form and elements of an architectural space. The function previously pointed out could be set by user behavior in a way of interacting with walls, windows, furniture or anything we know as space elements. We also have a smart furniture department by all interactivity + special exclusive details. The items below are what we are suggesting to whom might consider interactivity:

– Interactive educational spaces for children such as digital walls (using architecture as edu toys linked to kids’ imaginations)

– Commercial elements or special spaces for universities, organizations, shopping malls, city centers, libraries & …

– Interactivity through special spaces for residential spaces based on low-cost high performance using of the area by setting dynamic flexibilities for physical forms

Project Description of Interactive Spaces Department

The posts following are projects/Services has been done or under developing by this department. You can check our detailed descriptions by clicking on each and they are going to be available soon. In case you have any ideas, please contact the director and team member here.

Interactive Spaces Department Members

Feel free to contact any member you might need in order for asking questions about products or sharing an idea or even suggestions to cooperate. We are warmly considering your interests and that’s our honor.

Alireza Ghafuri

Director of Interactive Space
Alireza Ghafuri

Director of Interactive Space

Alireza is an Architect but not like any others. He is totally into his career all by tiny details and that makes him as one who is considering qualifications. He has been graduated from Qom University. The main task he is running at Ardaena is trying to come up with the idea of interactivity in interior design where evrey element of a space is at the service of the user.

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