Research and Development

Researching is the core of any kind of development. We always assume that each field of knowledge which actually is need of any kind of progression has to be under step by step gathering and discussion toward a great validated and reliable result. As it’s defining our way for challenging new issues, ARDAENA is ready to have mutual ways on researching on related subjects for a better qualification of Architecture, Structure, Energy and Urban Planning. The best we do is challenging complexities.

Academic Teaching

We actually are taking part of any academic event which is potential to bring some new role play out of students on researches. When it comes through enthusiasm, everyone will be going to take it seriously. Lots of workshops has been held by many universities and the way is still on for us to be a part which is filling the gap between academic works and industrial works.

Structural Concept Studies

We never ever consider structures separated from architecture. As what we are insisting for integration here is the deal for us to see both structure and architecture within. The main issue to provide the plan on this is to have concept design of structure by the most adaptation with architectural needs and here is our vision about this: try to make structure working for architecture qualification and aesthetics instead of just having it for stability.

Structural Parametric Studies

Generative modeling helps us to check any effects on our structural design. When it comes by having the most integration, so we need to provide it by ability of checking it if the design can be optimized by our needs or not. The solution is just right coming from a parametric study on structure and how it acts through different loads and critical situations.

Design for Special Structures

Special structures are included pavilions; a sculptural landmark or even bigger ones came from a great vision of architects. The challenging here is to have computational approaches for defining the most accurate checking from modeling to shop drawing and also cooperating from structure engineers, computational engineers and architects together. From what we are considering here as an integration layer of thinking, we ask architects to design by the most imaginary ones they can so we can have the solution by the most creativity either.

Dynamic Interactive and Responsive System Design and Engineering

As time goes by, integrating with most parameters are rising up because the flexibility and adaptation it brings to real. Dynamic interactivity happens when user is actually take a role on changing form and responsivity take place when form is relating to environment changes. So there must be a system to provide this flexibility and here is now computational works help us to make things possible. Both interactivity and responsivity are one of our research based projects which we are working on and our team is ready to set these systems on architecture where ever it is capable and demanded.

Façade Engineering

Façade is the very first thing brings a user vision through any architectural project. As it is going to be more complex and sophisticated by new aesthetic approaches, the whole engineering to make it works also is getting complicated also. Façade engineering needs to be adapted by the level of the performance which should control and behave as the layer between inside and outside of space so it needs to be prepared for both indoor and outdoor activities. Here in this way our team can analyze and optimize the concept design and its adaptation beside the performance from modeling to constructing. As the model and design gets complicated the scenario on making it constructability gets harder. Form finding and other technics can take place in order and we are ready to bring impossibility to possibility on this.

Façade Detailed Design & Engineering

As an integration process it is really important to have the same qualification from general to detail. Detail design is one of the designing part which often not considered until it gets to construction. We actually are trying to have the most integrated design from conceptual level to the last one as detailing has to be approved.

Façade Material Research & Concept Design

Each latitude and longitude has its criteria. When we want to collaborate on decision making to choose a better performing from aesthetic view to engineering ones we need to make the greatest possibilities for materials and claddings. There always some needs to research on this comprehensive options for each part of projects and here is our way as analyzing them from every aspect we can to have a better choice on materials.

Façade Optimization Analysis

Complex designs need to be considered as constructible ones. When they come for fabricating, maintaining and also beside the best performing, it’s getting a little bit hazy to have all of them simultaneously. Optimization by these issues make it possible to have the best fabricating scenario adapted to what architects need. That’s why we are using optimization technics by algorithms for providing it as simplified way to bring it up.

Façade Structural Analysis

Special buildings and advanced forms, will act complicated to forces and loads far way different from what they are imagined. In compare with the standards, it cannot be handled to make it through for safety when they actually are behaving much more different. We can also have algorithms beside designing as the complex model generated, it analyzed by the forces influence the façades.

Architectural Design

Architectural design needs to be just integrated with the most aspects as it’s possible. When we are looking for a special idea on generating special spaces it actually needs to perform specially also. So we take every design specially for having the most integrated one. All we are considering is to have each team on the design process to do it as well. Complexity is hard to become real but the challenge behind it always heat up our creativity.

Architectural Detail Design

More often detail designing are included in construction but it is really a great level of designing a space when it comes for having specialty. By all this attitude we think every 1 cm of every space can be designed in order to have the greatest level of integration toward the space qualification and that’s what we call it architecture.

Special Interior Design

Lots of projects are not following a consistent process when it is needed to be designed interior parts as the way they designed in the first place. Other present projects sometime need to be redesigned or changing interior toward changing the function of space. These transforming or specializing the spaces can become great when we make it through innovation in forms and complex functional detailing like interactivity. The way we see this part is actually a challenge to bring specials to real.

Sustainable Concept Design Strategies

Ardaena is looking the projects from a frame which we all know this as sustainability. Our team can provide the atmosphere of designing adapted to sustainable issues all from conceptual consulting of each part of architectural forms. The main issue here for us is not to make any design against the nature but helping it to be alive more and fresh.

Custom Sustainability Courses

We also can provide course for any teams related to any project in the industry. We believe that when it comes through a building, all members included designers, programmers, builders, contractors and even the owners might know about sustainability toward have it. This attitude will bring up the scenario of courses by different style for each team but it will gather all for having ideas on the subject.

Alternative & Renewable Energy Analysis

When it comes with energy consuming and the cost projects should consider, there might be a way of make things work with a low cost plan. According to new features of renewable energies we can make it happened. The main question here is checking the potential of using each system and adaptation of design to the environment surrounding the project. The one we can do here is from turning back budget scenario to design and consult how you should have renewable energies by analysis and data sheets which show the ability and pros & cons of each steps forward.

Energy & Environmental Programming

The series of services should be gathered all along by programming them from concept design to real operating process. So here we will need lots of decision making from owners to contractors and designers which need to be managed by analysis from climate to building behavior in each decision these teams are making. Our team can make all these sessions integrated as one to rely on for moving forward.

Climate/Comfort Analysis

One of the important parts that can provide MEP performance with Architectural design adapt to each other is climate comfort analysis. The main idea on this is to have climate comfort analysis as a feedback on designing parameters through the space and having mechanical and electrical systems performance simultaneously, which we can have this by challenging the integration of the two subject by parametric modeling and algorithmic analysis.

Green Design and Landscape Consulting

When it comes to getting Green, there must be a great combination of form and Environment either. One of the most important criteria for doing such thing is to provide green on each part of form which has the ability of making possibilities for taking part as intersection between architecture and environment. Our expertise is standing by this to have both knowledge of plants and Performative design.

Building Physics Analysis

The performance of any design is what can be measured and analyzed to figure out how the design is working properly adapted to standards and human comfort. Building materials and the form they all are designed by is the basis of playing roles of the qualification and our team can provide these measurements to check how projects are working.

Energy Modeling

Simulations are one of the greatest reliable part of any optimized design these years. Where it comes from energy analysis, there are lots of software can check how each step of design is actually working. Materials, forms and detail designing can make energy behavior of any design specially and if we can challenge the using of them by their influential parameters on spaces qualification, then it can also get a better solution on design. This part is informed by our energy and environment team and we can take it as a cooperation with designers to inform them how their design interacts with energy.

Daylight & Solar Radiation Modeling

Sun has two major effects on architectural space. They influence on human comfort by visual and thermal in order from light and radiation heat. If you are looking for an optimized design performance adapted to sun light and radiation so that’s it. Our team can make it possible for you to have some adapted algorithms for your design real-time checking.