Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

When it comes to design something related to human ergonomics, the function used to be assumed as the most important part besides adaptation to standards we knew as well. The whole design process might be known as a default linear procedure to design what we are looking for. As our experts do not have a default in their minds, they start to look differently at furniture designing. Their main question is how we can design something could be adaptable to space areas and needs? The 2nd question comes to mind is how this furniture can act smartly? By asking these two amusing questions they start to learn, build and test how a furniture could have smartness + space adaptation.

We as Ardaena team used to define our way of thinking all by flexible functional patterns which can be learned by algorithms and machine learning processes by AI. The 2 main questions for smart furniture lead us to start about small apartments and houses for people with low incomes. The aim was set to make them using their home areas more efficient by designing smart furniture responding as well to our first question which was asking for being adaptable. Smartness aimed for the next phase where we will try to have these space adapted ones more interactive and more in charge for special services related to our lifestyle.

We are setting the adaptation all by detail designing from tiny elements to larger ones. This will happen where a bed might be deformed to a table or a desk for study. A chair might be loose in its standard shape to act like a shelf or something else. The higher level of deformation will be available on walls or closets which might be able to move in space for changing areas or play a role like a partition or even a plus floor. In another hand the smartness would be like some special definitions for services like a touch screen table, interacting with user senses or even more on how he or she feels.

The following terms are the way we can contribute to projects with companies, organizations or individuals:

– Design process consultation according to visual identity for organizations

– Special design for individual homes by low budgets to use spaces more efficient

– Smart furniture detail designing for residential and commercial projects all by users criteria like cultures, social behavior, and lifestyle with vernacular material

– Designing for rural areas, designing for people as a universal design approach

Project Description of Smart Furniture Department

The posts following are projects/Services has been done or under developing by this department. You can check our detailed descriptions by clicking on each and they are going to be available soon. In case you have any ideas, please contact the director and team member here.

Smart Furniture Department Members

Feel free to contact any member you might need in order for asking questions about products or sharing an idea or even suggestions to cooperate. We are warmly considering your interests and that’s our honor.

Mahdi Tabatabaei

Director of Smart Furniture
Mahdi Tabatabaei

Director of Smart Furniture

Mahdi is an Architect who also is into programming. He started his idea as smart furniture and now this is the main project he is handling in Ardaena. Mahdi is more like a thought equipped with the tools all by himself. He handles his department toward next generation of furnitures.

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Qom, Iran