What We Do & How!

Here is the Process of how we can take place beside you as a technical consultant for special Algorithmic Solutions and also fire up the Progressions for your Team!

1. The Definition of Ardaena as An Integrated Network of Professionals!

Here is where the story begins. As all we know there are lots of quotations about the gaps between academical and practical issues in Art, Architecture and also Engineering for whom are graduated want to move on from universities to professional life. The main issue is also revealed vice versa all belongs to companies with former information and no updating to this fast progression of science. The two of these spaces as universities and industries need a flexible part to keep things equilateral. And Yupe! that’s the main definition of Ardaena; an Integrated Network of updated Professionals who are working on Progress each side of this huge Gap! Universities toward Practical and Industries toward New and Innovative Solutions.

2. How Ardaena sees its Network through Professions and Skills!

A network of Professionals need to have a real base system to rely on and here is our main Technic to challenge everything inside: Sharing Knowledge! Yeah! All we work on in Ardaena is based on Sharing Ideas by some tools can be provided as mutual language of thinking. A reliable way to do this is Algorithmic Approach and using Codes to make as possible solutions multidisciplinary. Artists, Scientists, Architects, Designers and Engineers participate in Ardaena as an atmosphere for sharing. Each problem comes over and takes an innovative solution by most covering ability for similar ones. Our Network is also placed everywhere and nowhere. Our Agents are everywhere basically in Iran and in near future we are about to see World with no boundaries.

3. How Ardaena brings Innovation for you!

Each process has some steps in order to be done! some of these series of steps are one by one, some of them might be parallel tasks and in a few ones these steps might be define simultaneously. In this case we are working on our process as a multidimensional sight view from design, analyze and fabrication. This attitude is also defined for moving from the first step of cooperation to the last…, there is no last step for us! Here is the way we can provide such atmosphere for companies to get promoted and developed by way of thinking and treating issues. After having a session on problems and current projects our Agents in your region will be activated to make a great experience of new Innovations on Problem Solving.

4. The Network and Its Integration!

A new Era of tools and validated ways of facing issues have been raised in recent years most of them are related to Algorithms and Machines. Our way is also based on Coding and our Agents are working on it to make better problem solving materials. The situation also have lots of parts and fields of study which cannot be provided by just one branch and it absolutely needs to other participants as different professions.We actually made our Network of Professionals to have a technical Integrated place for Challenging Everything.