Caddisfly is an Add-on for Grasshopper.

It produces Space Structures Nodes & Bars in 3D formatted labeled, Ready for CNC Fabrication.

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Python + C# Coded

Speed your Engineering Up!

No Limitation to Form

Any Form you Design, It does its Job!

Parametric Production

Adaptable to production needs.

Money/Time Saving!

Simply a Project Time and Cost Debugger!

Caddisfly is getting Ready to start Creating!

Caddisfly is an Add-on for Grasshopper (algorithmic modeling Plug-in for Rhino). It's a series of tools for Complex Structures and Free Forms Detail Designing. The main idea has been based upon having the process from Conceptual Design, Analyze to Construction on Free Form Structures Automatically by less than 5 clicks. It is being developed by Python and C# both for a better flexibility up and running for different components. Caddisfly defines some phases of progress related to special structural systems which (Space Frames, Single Layers, Grid Shells, ...) We will inform you for any metamorphosis of it.

Caddisfly is meant to help designers and engineers to think bigger and more creative.

We are ready to take part beside your design, analysis and fabrication process.
Free forms could possibly be complicated to build but, they are amazingly beautiful.
When it comes to design special and unique, there are much more accuracy and details have to be considered in order. One of the biggest steps forward is to know what you think could be real. There are lots of ways to design fluent and construct efficient. Integrated Engineering is our way as a background attitude on facing this issue. As it can provide a high range of relativity and proportioned scenarios between parameters, we try to define it for a better (integrated) responding to the path through. Mostly those projects have been designed by greater innovations and creativity which all need to have an adaptation process toward construction are great to face for high level of solutions. One of the greatest kinds of these projects are free forms. Free forms are actually challenges for designers to design optimized, for analyzer to check the behavior and for contractors to construct because of high accuracy needed. One of major steps is form finding and optimization which should be defined from the beginning.

Different Versions of the Add-On

Both Single Layers and Double Layers are covered in this Add-On. It is also under development for other systems too.

Main Version for Single Layer Structures

It uses Mero 2 version of detailing and heading to be adapted to other ones too. Just less than 7 Clicks!
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Time Saving in similar projects.

CaddisFly Larva Ver: Double Layer Space Frame Structures

Larva is actually defined for Mero systems but it is meant to be used for free forms in any kind. The most sophisticated part is to handle the bolts location on spheres which now can get done by Larva.

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Nodes in just 10 Minutes!

About The Project!

The project in the pictures above is related to Ava-Center Project Skylight (The main project is designed by Fluid Motion Architects), located in Tehran, Iran and the team worked together are listed here! The main idea of Caddisfly is actually to make the process of Node design algorithmically and we are spreading this idea to the whole scenario as mentioned from design the base form, analyze, optimization and toward Node models and typology control for CNC producing. There might be some phases to cover the story but in this case for our first step and phase#1, a basic node designer is just now ready to create special constructions.


Alusys is located in Tehran. We used to work with them as algorithmic engineering specialists. They do facade engineering in iran and well-known by their amazing works.

Structure and Nodes

Mr. OmidAli Samavati calculated the structure. He is also well-known for his experienced career in the region.

Optimization & Form Finding

We actually got the honor of working beside the other parties. This project turned our way to start coding in professional atmosphere.

Special Features

Caddisfly has bunch of features described here, it also is under developing for more optional user friendly version.

Any Free Form

It can produce any form details by any geometry of Nodes (Sphere, Cylinder, ...). Options also are available to be adapted to fabrication process.

Nodes' radius control

Differential design read from structural analysis could be considered. Just under developing to read the Log files for automating the process.

Subtracting to get lighter results

It can subtract material from nodes by scaling the node geometry for having a lighter structure.

Highly Adaptable Code

Caddisfly can be adapted to your design by changing the codes it's been written based upon.