Apartment 4 / 78 Derby Street, Manchester M8 8EW, United Kingdom.

Aida Teimouri

Her Journey

I’m Aida Teimouri, an ambitious Architectural Designer with a passion for computational design. Trained at prestigious institutions like Cardiff University and Liverpool John Moores University, my expertise spans from small-scale residential designs to large-scale high-end projects across the UK. Proficient in tools like Blender, Rhino 3D, and Grasshopper3D, I’m dedicated to innovative design solutions and continuous learning in the field of architecture.

  • Extensive expertise as an RIBA PART I Architect and Architectural Designer.
  • Focus on automation and innovative design solutions in AEC.
  • Passionate about creating experiences and shaping communities through architecture.
  • Strong foundation in architectural details and academic explorations.

Aida's Unique Strength

Regulatory Compliance

Proficient in navigating and adhering to complex regulatory requirements

Academic Rigor

Her background ensures a thorough understanding of architectural principles and standards.

Comprehensive Documentation

She excels in creating detailed and accurate documentation, from design specifications to project reports.

Efficient Workflow Management

Effectively manage paperwork workflows, ensuring timely submission and tracking of documents.

Contact with Aida