The Project Spinel

This page represents the Glasses we wear when it comes to Engineering Facade systems. The project Spinel is a Pilot where we develop our ideas and strength as Crazy Architects with Detailing Design Superpower. The subsequent sections portray what we Do on complex forms.

Let's have a dive in!

Get ready for a journey with Geeks in Facade Engineering.

The Spinel Launcher

Custom Detail Design

Any form, any design, we make it happen by detail designing trajectory we offer. The more adjustable a design is, the more fit your project will be.

Free-Form Spatial Structure

Aesthetic + Mathematic + Physics are the tertiary objectives we use to attach DATA into spatial space where free-froms structures get assembled.

Facade Algorithmic Eng

One particular parameter changes everything. We develop specified applications via Coding to have your project lively based on Parametric Attributes.

Diagrid Glazing Facade

Facade elements in any Format and Pattern are required to be adjustable yet delineated profoundly and neat. Diagrid Part of The Spinel Building gives you many clues on how our team matches properties from engineering to design.
Build Anything

No Boundaries in Design

Unlock Novel Sets

Adjustable Details

Archi High-Tech!

Technology Rocks, Details make BreakThrough!

Component & Blocks!

Tesselation and Assembly Get Effortless with Technical Details.


Not a Threat Anymore! We Offer Millions of Seconds Saved!

Data Driven Optimization!

DATA All Over your Project!

Free-Form Structures

We integrate creativity within design process by detailing any mm! This is our job to manipulate DATA to break routines!

Play this Video to have a sneak peek on What Does CADDISFLY do exactly!

We generate everything totally ready for CNC Machining! Having Free-Form Structure to Transparent Architectural Spaces Comprehansive yet Amazing!

You Wonder How, Right?

Get along with the whole story behind CADDISFLY 01.20 here!

System Design Process!

Unitized or Stick? None! We have our Tetris-Block Strategy!

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