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What making us for being together is just described in one elegant word and that is "Integration"! Thinking, Designing, Fabricating and Doing integrated is the way we know as what World needs. Our Team is placed everywhere your company is and we all are ready to make impossibles to possibles for you.

Mahdi Soheyli Fard

Founder and Director of Integrated Engineering

Mahdi is graduated from Imam Reza International Art & Architecture. He’s been working on Integrated Engineering for 6 Years both in professional and academic cases. Now the main idea of first integrated network of Professionals has been based upon these experiences. He is also challenging Iranian Architecture Functional Paradigms by Algorithms inside Parametric Approach.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 912 754 8021
Reza Rahnama

Reza Rahnamaye Moghaddam

Director of IT and Programming

Reza is born to create. He has finished his M.Sc in Software Programming. He has his experiences from different projects in the field and multidisciplinary scenarios. His skills are based upon Programming Languages as Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and more. He is well known in Internet of Things (IoT) and has done a lot on Gaming, Image Processing, Unity. His main idea is making ideas from the very first concepts to real life.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 915 323 7537

Iman Ghalandariyan

Director of Urban Planning

Iman is graduated from Urban Engineering. He is now working on his Thesis as a PhD candidate in Tarbiyat Modarres University. He is expert in the field of Islamic thoughts on Environment for one side and Urban Designing in other side. He is working in the field both academical and professional for about 8 years.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 915 305 8066

Navid Ranjbar

Director of Structure and Material Engineering

Navid is one the ones who has no boundaries on moving beyond. He is now working on his Post.Doc Project at University of Shiraz. His main skill has been based on innovation strategies on using materials. His researches are all known in the field. He is an expert leader on team working. He also has a lot experiences on FEM. Navid is now working on Sustainability and Nano Tech in building industry.

Shiraz, Iran
+98 917 304 0095

Mohammad Hossein Moazzeni

Director of Environmental Design

Mohammad finished his Master of Architecture in Olum-va-Tahghighat branch of Islamic Azad university. He is a real expert in Sustainability and Energy Simulation of each phase in architectural design. He had lots of students and hold some workshops about Energy Modeling and he has been working on Parametric approach from B.A.

Qom, Iran
+98 912 748 9707

Morteza Ojaghlu

Energy Modeler and Outdoor Comfort Analyst

Morteza is the one who known as a great challenger for learning new features and new ways of making things work. He is under graduated of Qazvin islamic Azad university. He knows a lot about built Environment and how control criteria though a better quality of space. He also is working on Parametric approach in Energy and Environment.

Zanjan, Iran
+98 933 736 0978

Reza Amini

Director of Building Information Modeling

What ever Internet has done on Communication Industry, BIM will done to Building Industry. Reza is our leader on this and what we are looking for about heading to BIM is attaching our Algorithmic Approach to it. Reza has been graduated in B.A. of Architecture from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. He is a game changer when it comes to BIM.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 939 242 9184

Ehsan Mokhtari

Director of Building Physics Simulation

Buildings live as elements of built environment and they should not be assumed as just isolated ones. Building simulations from indoor to out and vice versa can be reliable to know how every parameter works. Ehsan is a talented one who can study a building on each tiny parts by FEM. Heating and cooling loads, Wind Loads, Structural Loads as seismic and impacts or any kind of loadings.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 935 407 2161

Ali Karimi

Director of Advanced Detail Designing

When it comes to engineering architecture one of the most important parts is detail designing all adapted to what analysis sections say. Ali is an expert who knows how to bring data to real objects. Detail designing is not flexible as far but the best part is making everything connected toward a collection of qualifications according to the space functions. He is standing the on idea of doing this from conceptual designs to shop drawings, as a thought to real.

Tehran, Iran
+98 912 853 9053

Mahdi Agha Mohammadi

Designing Associate

Mahdi is a real curios one. When it comes to design, there must not be any boundaries in the firs steps and he knows how to handle it from concept design to detail design. He knows detail designing adapted to integrated Engineering and that’s where he does his role in Ardaena. Energy analysis is the other part he is working on. Facade Design all according to the most parameters it can is the other one what he is handling in projects.

Tehran, Iran
+98 935 754 5641

Amir Sattari

Designing Associate

Amir is one of those every team needs. The main role he has is challenging everything. A great designer is a the one who can provide a better solution package all from integration and Amir is doing this. He also has experiences in Facade Detail Design that brings his steps toward a database which is the core of Ardaena Simulation Processes. He also works on Wind and Other factors impact on Buildings.

Tehran, Iran
+98 912 579 0573

R2L: Sobhan Sharifi, Iman Arab, Majid Khosh Kholgh

Functional Brick Pattern Team

and…, the functional brick pattern team! We all know how bricks made Iranian Architecture as the one which has many features and qualifications together. What bricks can provide is adaptation, aesthetic, structure, energy and more, all together which we call it Integration. A modular Pattern to have everything. The core of this team is to bring bricks back to buildings but according to new technologies and digital fabrication process. From energy efficiency toward structure and aesthetics is the way this team works on algorithmically.

Mashhad, Iran
+98 912 021 4530
Who is Next?!!

We as Ardaena are always open to have everyone who knows him/herself as a technical and creative one wants to challenge everything. So, here is our filters you have to pass in order:
If you know special and technical tools beside Coding both Visual (Grasshopper or Dynamo) or Textual (Common Programming Languages) and you know English or any other languages as a second one, No matter what is your field of study, Just Contact us!
our major projects are related to Building Industry but yeah! it's just the game plain!