Computational Design

Each Parameter from each Factor has a destiny to connect with other ones. We design every element by this fact using Visual Programming like Grasshopper & Dynamo + Coding by C# + Python + C within Algorithms.

Customized applications

We generate add-ons for specific automating tasks you have to reduce time and user's occupation.

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Saving Time > cost + over rated accuracy!

Free Form Optimized Structure Design

Free Form structures are amazingly beautiful and hard to be optimized by shape, forms, constructibility and installation. We have special strategies about the whole procedure.
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Generative Design according to the Situation

Different generation of any designs could come up with different features. We use generative design to have comprehensive variety solutions for different problems.
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Saving Time & Money

Defining systems toward Interaction

Using variable and static parameters to have architectural spaces dynamic. Responsive to Environment and Interactive to User will make architecture more adaptable to have everything living side by side to human.

From Static to Smart Elements

Free Form Structures

Coming up with the idea to move from architecture to structure or vice versa can be tricky when it gets to free form structures. Complexity has taken there to another level of Engineering which we love to get along with. In this way, we use coding to make things smoothly under control.

Caddisfly : 3D-Shop files for Fabrication

The most difficult part in free form structures is fabrication procedure related one. Caddisfly is an Add-On for Grasshopper in single layer space structures and gives all nodes and bars labeled for manufacturing in less than 7 clicks.
Caddisfly 01.01

Every concept has its own scenario

We have no boundaries in our mind to limit our conceptual ideas about free forms. This is the most innovative parts which has to be set from the very beginning of the design process.

Algorithmically Engineered & Aesthetically Designed

CaddisflyLarva: Double Layer Space Structures

Any Free Form Design NOW can actually get done for fabrication process having sphere nodes perforation lists in details. It will turn your designs to a version for being constructed!

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Nodes in 10 Minutes

Using Algorithms to Optimized versions of Design

Each parameter in free form structures impacts the whole system. We use variant application and algorithm in Design, Analysis toward fabrication and even installation in site by the most detailed versions we can define to control everything.


Environmental Design

The series of services should be gathered all along by programming them from concept design to real operating process. So here we will need lots of decision making from owners to contractors and designers which need to be managed by analysis from climate to building behavior in each decision these teams are making.

From Facade to Interior details

When it comes with energy consuming and the cost projects should consider, there might be a way of make things work with a low cost plan.

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Working Smoothly with Environment not against it

Energy Modeling toward Sustainability

Simulations are one of the greatest reliable part of any optimized design these years. Materials, forms and detail designing can make energy behavior of any design specially and if we can challenge the using of them by their influential parameters on spaces qualification, then it can also get a better solution on design.

We inform you How your designs work!

Analyzing and simulation makes decisions more accurate

The performance of any design is what can be measured and analyzed to figure out how the design is adapted to standards and human comfort. Building materials and the form they all are designed by is the basis of playing roles of the qualification and our team can provide these measurements to check how projects are working.

Building Performance Optimization rate

Facade Engineering

There are many things can turn a design process to a construction procedure, especially when this is about designing the layer which is known as Facade between inside and outside. We developed any design you might have with a diverse range of complexities in details, physics simulations according to standards towards a high performance attribute.

Technical Detail Design

We take care of everything you need for your design from material, form, optimization and performance. Standards have to be covered from the very first scratch to the final decided models, thus, we always construe based on latest litigated perspectives according to the project's location.

From Analysis to Optimziation


Variety of Alternatives only by few Clicks!

While a design has to comprise many aspects of fabrication and performance, there should be alternates active for any subsequent situation. We use algorithms as a specific application for your projects, therefore, any upcoming changes would be manageable by only few clicks to have shop drawing initializes iteratively.

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1. How we Work!

a. We will have a meeting with you (Online or in Person)/ b. We discuss on how you want to grow your professionalism/ c. Our agents start to run workshops for your team/ d. We will help you up with Algorithmic Engineering in your Projects/ e. We both going to have lots of mutual progressions

2. What if your request is not listed in our expertise?

We won’t limit ourselves just to what this page has presented. As long as you have ideas about the keywords we have in using technology in design toward a better world we are open to discuss on it.

3. What does "Ardaena" mean?

Ardaena is a combined term of two Traditional Persian Words, Ard> from Art & Daena which means the Art of Showing a Brighter Way to get to something you have in your mind.


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