Ardaena, Automates AEC sectors in the Building Industry!

Design, Engineering > Free-Form Structure/Facade Systems

Python, C# >>> BIM-Data Integration

Automation in AEC, Computational Design, Customizable Open-Source Toolkits!

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Design by Coding

Integration based on Programming.

Engineering Architecture and using Algorithms is our way to solve complex problems. The main Q? for us is how to improve Processes.

Design, Engineering & Fab

Algorithms Everywhere

Defining the optimization process within toolkits to help designers, engineers and manufacturers overcoming complex challenges.

Innovation in building industry

We actually act limitless.

Using innovation + Coding in challenging problems in Architecture, Structure & Sustainability toward Future Possibilities.

Our Latest Projects

Scott head quarter

Algorithmic Data Management

Discover the diverse studies conducted on the facade of the Scott Headquarters project.
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Our Different Services in Facade Engineering

Spinel serves as a captivating showcase where we demonstrate our unique and innovative capabilities in algorithmic engineering.
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Digital Solutions

We implement cutting edge technologies in AEC to solve complex problems in a multidisciplinary and automated way.

DataHive 01.01, BIM-Data Management

BIM-Data + Seamless STEP File Generation with DataHive for Rhino and Grasshopper3D
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Caddisfly 01.02 for Grasshopper3D

It produces Space Structures Nodes & Bars in 3D formatted labeled Ready for CNC Fabrication.
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