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Customizable Data Management Solution for Grasshopper3D in Files, BIM Data and, Formats.

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Automated Data Management for Your Workflows in Grasshopper3D!

DataHive is an open-source and customizable add-on written for Grasshopper3D, designed to meet the specific data management needs of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Developed with a focus on flexibility and customization, DataHive seamlessly integrates into your workflow to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and data organization. It uses Rhino API and Gh_Kernel to auto-generate file batches in complex structures and/or special details where accuracy is highly pivotal.

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We re-write the codes aligned with your projects parameters toward more intelligent adaptive automation.
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Streamline Your AEC Workflow with DataHive

Precision Data Management for Complex Forms and Structures in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
At Ardaena, we specialize in customizing the open-source code of DataHive to perfectly align with the unique requirements of any AEC project or workflow, offering Architects, Engineers, and Contractors unparalleled precision and efficiency in managing complex data structures within Rhino and Grasshopper3D.

DataHive works with Files, BIM-Data and Formats

DataHive simplifies data management within Grasshopper3D for AEC projects, aligning data structures, files, formats, and BIM attributes with industry standards and offering customizable solutions tailored to individual workflow needs.

STEP File Generation with DataHive for Rhino and Grasshopper3D

Experience effortless STEP file generation with DataHive, where even the most intricate and complex structures in architecture, engineering, and construction projects are automatically converted to what you need with precision and ease!

Bridging WinOS and Python for 3D-Models Manipulation

Discover DataHive as it seamlessly bridges WinOS, Python, and 3D models, ease with data management and automation in less than 10 clicks!

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