Who We Are?

We actually are a network. A network with sharing our skills and ideas to have better solution for complex issues in Design, Engineering, Optimization and Fabrication based on Technology. Our team here is divided to major departments and the ones who are working on developing their ideas and members.

Managing Partners

People who are working full-time to manage, develop and organize the ideas behind Ardaena. Managing partners contribute new team members to be prepared for next levels by having amazing directors beside.


Board Member

Ahmad Soheyli

Directors & Managers

Experienced people on special subjects who leads their teams forward.

Artistic Counselor

Creative Art/Graphic Technologist

Hedieh Naji

Director + Founder

Director @ Integrated Engineering

Mahdi Fard

Technical Manager

Project Manager @ Integrated Engineering

Amir Hossein Sattari

IT Counselor

Director @ IT & Programming

Reza Rahnamaye Moghaddam

Traditional Architecture Manager

Director @ Construction Heritage and Preservation

Amir Maleki

Traditional Architecture Co-Manager

Managing Associate @ Construction Heritage and Preservation

Homa Parmoun

Marketing Manager

Director @ Marketing Management

Marketing Manager

Mohammad Reza Fazeliyan

Senior Associates

2nd Generations of Ardaena all motivated to go further, experienced enough to handle tough situations and being prepared for managing.

Computational BIM Developer

Senior @ Integrated Engineering

Ahmed Sattar

Fa├žade Engineering Technical Manager

Senior @ Integrated Engineering

Farrokh Razh

Generative Design Specialist

Senior @ Integrated Engineering

Hassan Akbari

Junior Associates

They are definitely upgraded from their first steps on complex issues and trained for detailed solutions on the subjects they are working on.

R&D Team Member

Researcher @ Cross-Disciplinary Design

Hengameh Najm

R&D Team Member

Researcher @ Cross-Disciplinary Design

Atrin Poursadrollah

R&D Team Member

Free-Form Str Toolkit Developer

Mohammad Pourfuladi

R&D Team Member

Multi-Objective Opt Developer

Elham Ghaderi

R&D Team Member

Researcher @ Bio-Inspired Design

Selda Pourali

R&D Team Member

Researcher @ Generative Design

Atefeh Shahrashoub

R&D Team Member

Researcher @ Integrated Engineering

Behnaz Khaksaar


They are New! Working on themselves to define their path to get professional ones have special ideas and enthusiast in the field of using technologies in design, analysis and fabrication.

Associate @ Integrated Engineering

Mohammad Amin Khalafi

Associate @ Integrated Engineering

Pouria Shahhoseini Nia

Associate @ Integrated Engineering

Patrish Kumar

Associate @ Integrated Engineering

Crispina Ken R. S


Simply our Next Generation who are becoming pros!

Structural Engineering Team

Intern @ Integrated Engineering

Faezeh Bidaei

Brain Stormer

Associate @ Integrated Engineering



Former Collaborators

We do appreaciate any endeavor, any step with anyone who worked with us, Ardaena couldn't be built without these amazing collaborations.
You would definitely find these amazing ones ahead of their skills in different cordinates of the planet Earth:
- Mohammad Hossein Moazzeni
- Mahdi Agha Mohammadi
- Masoud Ghasemi
- Reyhaneh Azadian
- Mojgan Rezakhani
- Javad Shavandi
- Mohammad Reza Takallouei
- Tahereh Rastegari

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    Ardaena is a place to grow, if you have ideas in your mind, contact us!